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June 7, 1999 Volume 8 No. 12

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(Dave Kain, Entomology, Geneva)

Hot off the presses from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is a new, soup-to-nuts manual for practioners of IPM in pome fruits. Written by Bernie Solymar, Pome Fruit IPM Specialist with OMAFRA, is an attractive (includes 275 color plates), user-friendly handbook that treats just about every conceivable aspect of real-life, get your hands dirty IPM. Chapters include discussion of the concept of IPM, monitoring and economic thresholds, sprayer technology, pesticide impact and environmental fate and practical resistance management. Complete descriptions of pests are in fact sheet form.

Especially handy are Appendices that provide "cheat sheets" including a jobs checklist and a threshold summary that can be copied and carried to the field by scouts, forms for recording spray and weather data, performing apple harvest assessment and calculating tree-row volume, safety information for scouts and a list of monitoring equipment and suppliers.

The manual is titled "Integrated Pest Management for Ontario Apple Orchards", but would be of general use anywhere in the Northeast. Cost is $50.00 (I assume Canadian) although growers registered with the Ontario Apple Marketing Commission are entitled to one free copy. To order send name and address, number of copies desired, and check (payable to Ontario Apple Marketing Commission) to:

Ontario Apple Marketing Commission

7195-B Millcreek Drive

Mississauga, Ontario

Canada L5N 3R3

Fax # 1-(905)-858-3299

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